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LOFLord of the Flies (book by William Golding)
LOFLine Of Fire
LOFLoan Origination Fee
LOFLunch on Fridays (Cleveland Institute of Art; Cleveland, OH)
LOFLiquid Organic Fertilizer
LOFLots of Fun
LOFLoss of Function
LOFLook Out For
LOFLife of Field (oil and gas)
LOFList of Files (computing)
LOFLoss of Flow
LOFLoss Of Frame
LOFLeague of Friends (gaming)
LOFLine Of Flight
LOFLocal Outlier Factor (algorithm)
LOFLevel of Functioning
LOFLake of Fire
LOFLowest Operating Frequency
LOFLetter Of Offer
LOFLife of Fund (finance)
LOFList of Figures
LOFList of Files
LOFLength of An Open File
LOFLiabilities of Foreignness (international business)
LOFLevel Of Fill
LOFLeap of Faith
LOFLack of Fit (polynomial comparison)
LOFLow on Funds
LOFLength of File
LOFLube, Oil, & Filter
LOFLocal Oscillator Frequency (satellite converter)
LOFLaws of Florida
LOFLanguage of Flowers
LOFLibbey Owens Ford Co
LOFLin Only Fan (basketball)
LOFLeft of Frame (film and television industry)
LOFLoss of Fines
LOFLegion of Fire (gaming clan)
LOFLoss of Feedwater
LOFLeakage of Fluid (obstetrics/gynecology)
LOFLaughing on Floor
LOFLegion of Freedom (gaming alliance)
LOFLloyd Open Form
LOFLords of Fuzz (band)
LOFLegions Of Felix (game alliance)
LOFLance of Faith (gaming, Dungeons and Dragons)
LOFPilkington - Libbery Owens Ford
LOFLack of Fail (Internet slang)
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We found a significant association between catheter-related urinary tract infection and age, female gender, and severity of loss of function before surgey, which is in line with literaure reports; (11,12) however, we could not evaluate correlation between urinary stent and length of using urinary catheter and urinay tract infection.
3) Temporary degradation or loss of function or performance, which requires operator intervention or system reset,
"People with sepsis are usually very ill, weak, have a great loss of function, suffer from mental confusion, and are sometimes unresponsive or comatose."
The workforce changes needed include a more consistent focus on preventing and delaying loss of function, and restoration of function; a focus on how best to meet the needs and optimise the potential of the individual, rather than simply assessing their eligibility for available services; co-ordination and active management of care plans, with development of care co-ordinator/ health navigator role; and using the expertise of specialists in the care of older people to develop the capability of the wider health workforce, informal carers and older people themselves.
Loss of function mutations of this channel have been genetically linked to the congenital inability to experience pain, and conversely gain of function mutations are implicated in the pain underlying primary erythromelalgia and paroxysmal extreme pain disorder.
"Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: What You Need to Know" analyzes this more advanced version of multiple sclerosis, which does not let up and offers a more constant loss of function. Outlining treatment and care options for the disorder, the book provides many tips for maintaining a higher quality of life in spite of the advanced version of multiple sclerosis.
Chance of loss of function of an organ or limb (hesron eyver) Some authorities maintain that there is a fifth category:
The result is pain and loss of function." Such loss of function can lead to several disabilities including not being able to walk even short distances without resting.
It has been suggested (5,8) that subtotal resection of neurofibromas that are tender or that cause deformity or a loss of function is preferable to a complete excision; the latter procedure may result in a loss of normal tissue and still not prevent a recurrence.
The most common reason cited for the activity limitation was risk of traumatic loss of function of the remaining kidney.
Allergen Options: Systems to replace standard milk and vegetable-based emulsifiers and binders by non-allergenic alternatives, without loss of function.
A loss of function in ANT results in decreased floral organ size, whereas an overexpression of the gene causes increased floral organ size.