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LALos Angeles
LALouisiana (US postal abbreviation)
LALove Always
LALatin America
LALibrary Association (UK)
LALiving Area
LALocation Area
LALanguage Arts
LALimited Availability
LALeft Arm
LALancaster (UK post codes)
LALarge Animal
LALocal Authority
LALouis Armstrong (singer)
LALance Armstrong (cyclist)
LAListing Agent
LALoan Amount
LALegislative Assembly
LALicense Application
LALoan Agreement
LALiberal Arts
LALandscape Architect
LALate Arrival
LALimited Area (security)
LALucas Arts
LALao People's Democratic Republic
LALos Alamos (publication)
LALead Acid (batteries)
LALower Alabama
LALibrary Assistant
LAAnnual Leave
LALeft Atrium (heart chamber)
LALow Alcohol (beer)
LALawrence Academy (Massachusetts, USA)
LALadies Auxiliary (VFW)
LALost Abbey (San Marcos, CA brewery)
LALow Altitude
LALegislative Affairs
LALink's Awakening (video game)
LALegislative Assistant
LALinear Actuator (motors)
LALoad Allocation
LALinoleic Acid
LALauantai (Finnish: Saturday)
LALinear Analysis
LALocal Application
LALethbridge, Alberta (Canada)
LALog Analyzer (software)
LALightening Arrester (electricity)
LALaunch Approval (US NASA)
LALactobacillus Acidophilus
LALead Auditor
LALaunch Area (space centers; various locations)
LALavochkin (Soviet aircraft designer)
LALogistics Analyst
LALost Animal
LALife Assured (insurance)
LALead Agent
LALittle Athletics (QLAA)
LALymphoma Association (UK)
LALoad Address (IBM)
LALenkungsausschuss (German: steering committee)
LALinea Aerea Nacional (Lan-Chile, IATA airline code)
LALeptomeningeal Angioma (Sturge Weber syndrome)
LALewiston/Auburn, Maine
LALandscape Area (zoning)
LALightning Attack (gaming)
LALateral Area (geometry)
LALagrange Academy (LaGrange, GA)
LALink Adaptation (wireless communications)
LALow Approach
LALaboratory of Anthropology (Museum of New Mexico)
LALetter of Authority
LALaser Annealing
LALocal Alarm
LALine Adapter
LALumen Area
LALight Assist (nursing)
LALeukotriene Antagonist
LALearning Aptitude
LALiverpool Arms (UK)
LALevel Absolute
LALeap Attack (Diablo II game)
LALegend Arena (online game)
LALaboratorios América (Correction! Guatemala Central America)
LALlama Alliance (gaming clan)
LALocator Arm
LALupic Anticoagulant
LALetter of Activation
LALow Angle Detachment Zone
LALaboratorios América SA (Spanish, Colombia)
LALicensie d'Arts
LALinear Adaline Algorithm
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Here, we describe what wildlife-care volunteers do and how you can contribute, including some rules of thumb on what to do if you spot an injured or lost animal.
Equipment issues can lead to disasters--but we choose our equipment and have the responsibility to make sure it's adequate for the job as well as working properly, so I still think the person who pulls the trigger or releases the arrow must accept full responsibility for a lost animal.
In fact, she changed the posters from "Nib is missing" to "Nib is still missing," with a new photo, a tactic she recommends to anyone searching for a lost animal.
He felt very fortunate he had checked his equipment, because 10 inches could definitely be the difference between meat in the freezer and a lost animal.
I believe Jim would have had a deep a bond with the lost animal.
While it's easy to write only about lethal first shots, a column on a lost animal may have some value to hunters who've not yet passed up a shot.
The RSPCA believes the best way to ensure a lost animal is found is to have it microchipped.
A bad hit, even in the chest, can result in a scant blood trail and lost animal.
They left cat food and milk out on Saturday night to tempt the apparently lost animal.
Microchipping always comes in as a useful tool to reunite you with your lost animal and is offered at all good veterinarian practices.
In my day kids would want to care for a lost animal.
AS no one claimed my foundling cat she's now a fixture, and very expensively wormed, deloused, inoculated and micro-chipped - the latter more for my peace of mind because, obviously, chipping is no use unless a lost animal is found and checked.