LotVLegacy of the Void (gaming)
LotVLeague of Technical Voters
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Tenders are invited for the right to enter into an Agreement for design, survey, construction and supply of equipment and materials for the external power supply for the privileged category of the Oryol region of consumers (lotv 8500005510) for the needs of PJSC "IDGC of Center" ( "Orelenergo") ...
Deposits and guarantees required: Participation is loti guarantee = 7560 lei lei Loti = 4616, lotIII = 1044lei, lotIV = 3136 USD, lotV = 3614lei, lotVI = 192lei, lotVII = 1368lei, lotVIII = 504lei, IX = 504 lei.Perioada lot of validity of guarantee participation is at least equal to the period of validity of the offer shall be 60 days from the date stated for receipt of tender.