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1978-1980 - Clerk at Lothian Region Transport; student at Telford College of Further Education
The last Lothian Region Transport buses left the city centre at 6.30pm with all evening and night services cancelled.
The bus involved was one of a fleet on contract from Lothian Region Transport that was taking pupils from Ladywell.
Peter Burden, operations manager for Lothian Region Transport said: "When this lady's predicament was brought to the driver's attention he arranged for an ambulance to be called and apparently did everything he could.
He is a member of the Institute of Transport Administration, Director of Lothian Region Transport and Director of the Centre for the Management of Traffic and the Environment.
Drivers from Lothian Region Transport will become the first in Scotland to take part in the intensive customer-care course in the hope they can reach the same standards as air stewards or store staff.
Andrews Angling Club, Scottish Industries Sports Association Lothian, Scottish Lame Ducks, Strathgryfe Angling Association, Union and Crown Angling Club, Livery Fishing Club, Lothian Region Transport.
FUELLING the controversy are Charles and Bill of Lothian Region Transport and Eastern Scottish Omnibuses respectively.