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LOBLarge Object(s)
LOBLine Of Business
LOBLeft On Base (baseball)
LOBLegion of Boom (Seattle Seahawks)
LOBLibrary of Birmingham (Birmingham, England, UK)
LOBLegend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
LOBLarge Object
LOBLinked Object
LOBLine of Balance
LOBLoaf of Bread
LOBLateral Organ Boundary (genes)
LOBLand of Bears (anime)
LOBLine-Of-Balance (project management)
LOBLaboratory of Biomedical Optics (Switzerland)
LOBLots of Blood (band)
LOBLoss of Balance
LOBLimit Order Book (finance)
LOBLoad of Bollocks
LOBLive on Board
LOBLordz of Brooklyn (band)
LOBLimit of Blank
LOBLow-Order Byte
LOBLazy Old Bastard
LOBLaunch Operations Building
LOBLost on Board (travel)
LOBLimitation of Benefit (insurance)
LOBLow-Order Bit
LOBLease Office Building (United Arab Emirates)
LOBLost on Base (military slang)
LOBLocally Optimum Bayes (parametric theory)
LOBLimited Operating Base
LOBLondon over the Border (Girl Guides Association geographic area)
LOBLoss Of Bargain
LOBLeft Out Board (locations of aircraft underwing pylons)
LOBLine Of Bearing/Balance
LOBLand Order of Battle
LOBLocal Option Budgeting
LOBLoss Of Break
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Matt Smith, 28, said: "The man was clutching at his neck and there was lots of blood on the floor.
Cue lots of blood and guts as Shaun tries to save himself and win back his ex.
? HAVING been hyped to the heavens we should have realised that this historic encounter, which has always involved lots of blood and lots of thunder (allegedly), was going to be a tame affair and anti-climax.
Help' and being rescued and once with Cat who is really blood thirsty and loves talking about 'lots of blood and stuff'.
After being overwhelmed with messages from concerned followers, Danielle explained: "Thanks 4 ur support had a scheduled breast op but Dr's found a blood clot & I lost lots of blood so now having a transfusion am in good hand & I will hopefully be home to my family tomorrow scary times love my family so much (sic).' The medical scare could explain fiance Jamie's nerves: At the time he tweeted: "So nervous for @MissDLloyd going in for operation today, so glad I can be here to support her love her so much."
According to TMZ, Anhalt said there was "lots of blood coming out of her mouth" before she was taken.
MY MOTHER is 94 and suffers from dementia and ulcerative colitis - a dreadful disease causing lots of blood and excrement.
It is believed the killer would have been drenched in blood and James, 60, said: "There was lots of blood - the scene was really bad but they wouldn't let me past the door.
"There was a lots of blood but I just needed the tooth out - it was causing me great pain and it still is."
Violence, destruction and lots of blood feature in the latest Baltic exhibition by New York-based artist Barnaby Furnas.
However, this is a horror series, and is thus quite gruesome (severed limbs, cannibalism, lots of blood); there is also semi-nudity.
There was lots of blood. Everyone is saying it's like Suarez." A member of staff at the Spar said the attack happened outside the store and was captured on its security cameras.