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LOUISLibrary of Unified Information Sources
LOUISLouisiana Online University Information System
LOUISLiaison Online Unified Information System
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It must be remembered that Louis and I were hard situated.
In quite primitive fashion, as Louis advised me, I was to select her and make myself acquainted with her.
Louis, in buoyant spirits, and soon arrived at the mouth of the Missouri.
Go thither, and if there be none -- well, well," continued Louis XVIII.
I understand," answered Porthos, "I understand you perfectly, on my honor; two hundred louis, each of us, would be making a pretty thing of it; but what will people say?
Finally, Farmer Louis sold them eighty trusses, making in all four hundred and thirty.
Monsieur, to one louis, with refreshments and the charge for the horse.
King Louis was brought into Italy by the ambition of the Venetians, who desired to obtain half the state of Lombardy by his intervention.
The superintendent endeavored again to question Louis XIV.
Because I wanted a quiet morning, of course Louis came in.
he commanded Oofty-Oofty, the Kanaka, who had in the meantime relieved Louis at the wheel.
The reader will remember that these men were mixed up in the secret politics of Louis XI.