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LFLow Frequency (30-300 kHz; 10-1km)
LFLooking For
LFLine Feed
LFLebanese Forces
LFLarge Format
LFLead Free (bullet)
LFLittle Fighter (game)
LFLake Forest (Orange County, California)
LFLethal Factor (microbiology)
LFLoad Factor
LFLace Front (wigs)
LFLeft Foot (dance)
LFLife Fitness
LFLogical Framework
LFLeft Front
LFLoaf (street type)
LFLight Front (physics)
LFLife Fellow
LFLeapFrog Enterprises Inc. (stock symbol; Emeryville, CA)
LFLeonel Fernandez (Dominican Republic president)
LFLinux Format (UK magazine)
LFLatex Free (latex allergies)
LFLöschgruppenfahrzeug (German: fire department)
LFLuminosity Function
LFLinear Foot
LFLabor Force (economics)
LFLeft Forward
LFLoanable Fund
LFLive Feed (film)
LFLoi de Finances (French: Finance Law)
LFLeft-Arm Fast (cricket; also seen as LAF)
LFLive Fire
LFLymphatic Filariasis
LFLife Force
LFLiberation Front
LFLife Form
LFLeading Firefighter
LFLong Float (C programming language)
LFLoop Filter
LFLocationFree Player (Sony WiFi base)
LFLove and Friendship
LFLanding Force
LFLove Forever
LFLate Fee
LFLargest Frame
LFLaunch Facility (USAF Minuteman missile)
LFLadle Furnace (metallurgy)
LFLate Finish
LFLilith Fair
LFLight Fantastic (book by Terry Pratchett)
LFLine Fit
LFLight Fine
LFLight Face
LFLine Finder
LFLoud Family (band)
LFLocally Funded
LFLiver Flush
LFLucio Fulci (director)
LFLa Farola (Revista cultural de los Maristas de Alicante y sus alumnos)
LFLegendary Frog (Flash movie maker)
LFFree-Space Loss
LFLoud Fan
LFLissajous Figure
LFLutece Falco
LFLow Forage
LFLedger Folio
LFLogistics Function
LFLeft Field(er) (baseball)
LFLucas Films Ltd.
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Since these associations accepted the emotional demands of both Calvinism and motherhood, they could provide at best a temporary respite from their burdens; indeed, the purpose of maternal associations was to teach the "emotionology of motherhood," suggesting that the "female world of love and friendship" could play a role in enforcing society's feeling rules.
The author explicitly neglects the Platonic tradition, mainly because of its confusion of erotic love and friendship. Such a delimitation is surely defensible, as a study of the literary uses of Aristotelian philia is a greater desideratum.
Thus, what binds us together at the highest level is this capacity of love and friendship to see in reason and freedom the goodness that is there by divine love in the being of every existing person.
Fortin noted the frequency with which modern discussions of friendship seem to be posed in terms of an "I-Thou" relationship-a phrase made popular by Buber but which in modern philosophy goes back to Feuerbach--to an effort to see in man's relation to himself, especially the relation of love and friendship, only an anthropocentric projection, not a relation to an existing God.
Over the years a small but steady stream of warm and affectionate correspondence -- occasionally punctuated by a handful of genuinely extraordinary letters -- has poured into my mailbox, and I have no desire to imagine a life without even the hope of these small sacraments of the "real presence" of love and friendship. I agree with Cheever when he notes that the "reward for writing a personal letter is that ...
At the heart of Smith's "nonclassical" distinction between love and friendship is a Sceptical view of the love of wisdom itself.(74) There are multiple unanticipated twists and turns here.