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It is better that she marry her French prince than to live, dishonored, the wife of a common highwayman; for though she might love me at first, the bitterness and loneliness of her life would turn her love to hate.
Teachers that I love to hate: They taught me how to turn something that I hate into something I can live with.
While the audience--particularly 'fans'--has been a feted object of media studies for some time, as Roy Krevel and Thore Roksvold note in their introduction to We Love to Hate Each Other: Mediated Football Fan Culture, 'little academic attention is paid to the relationship between football journalism, cultural identities, ideologies and football fan culture' (p.
It's a game against the team we love to hate - and they love to hate us.
Love him or hate him--or love to hate him--O'Reilly certainly pulls in the audience.
Relative newcomer Travis Hunter has developed an uncanny knack for creating characters that readers immediately love to hate. Hunter's new book, with its somewhat provocative title, Married but Still Looking, is the exciting follow-up to his debut novel last year, The Hearts of Men.
From the stinging pain of horse fly encounters to our distaste for centipedes, cowbirds and sandburs, Janet Lembke explores the nature and myth of species we love to hate. In humorous and historic detail, Despicable Species: On Cowbirds, Kudzu, Hornworms, and Other Scourges (The Lyons Press, $25) reveals surprises about all these deplorable creatures.
Warner has compiled one of the most conservative voting records in the Senate, but he cuts the kind of establishment figure cultural conservatives love to hate.
Despite his controversial past Keane has no qualms about signing a player he believes other clubs "love to hate" if he can improve the quality in his squad.
I was like 'Please be the guy you love to hate, not the guy you hate, because the guy they hate gets axed." As if.
She makes friends with Maxine, a self-described smart kid who the popular kids love to hate. The popular kids also love to hate Imogene, so the two new friends work to stay out of the way of the bullies.