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If poetry and philosophy have an ancient quarrel, it is because they are rivals in a lover's quarrel with the world.
The office is not a place either for a lover's quarrel, which could be annoying and inappropriate to colleagues.
The book under review, as it pursues Lurie's serialized romance with Merrill, vacillates between praise and condemnation, the literary equivalent of a lover's quarrel, with the emphasis on "quarrel.
Last week, the police said the attack could be linked to a lover's quarrel.
It is Bernhard, after all, who once wore a padded belly on the David Letterman show and announced that she was carrying Letterman's love child, who once staged a mock lover's quarrel with Letterman on the air, who once announced in front of twenty million people that she had slept with Madonna's husband and found him a horrible lover, and who once told Madonna, on the same television show, that "you were much better" in bed.
It was some sort of lover's quarrel and it seems that someone went mad.
It sounds like a lover's quarrel, and in a sense it was.
Fainall walks away with Mirabell, leaving Fainall to have a lover's quarrel with Mrs.
Those extrajudicial killings include those killed maybe because of toothache, or because of stabbing due to a lover's quarrel, or maybe even over DOTA.
The two agencies have been engaged in a lover's quarrel over renewal of their Columbia River fisheries management vows.
Surely the best patriots are those who carry on not a grudge fight but a lover's quarrel with their country.
LUCENA CITY -- A lover's quarrel caused by intense jealousy snuffed the life of a bride-to-be in Tiaong, Quezon on Wednesday.