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LBWRLow Birth Weight Rate
LBWRLung-to-Body Weight Ratio
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The study hypothesis was that the migraine-with-aura group would have higher preeclampsia, preterm delivery, and low birth weight rates, as has been reported by some other investigators in what is a sparse literature.
The Worcester Country low birth weight rate for blacks and Asians, for example, was slightly more than 9 percent in 2006, while the rates for whites and Hispanics were 6.9 percent and 7.1 percent, respectively.
Low birth weight rates differ in various regions of the world, being higher in less developed countries, since they are associated with unfavorable socioeconomic conditions.
Increasing Low Birth Weight Rates: Deliveries in a Tertiary Hospital in Istanbul.
We selected low birth weight rates, NICU admission rates, and total pediatric spending in the first year of life as the primary outcome measures for the analysis.
"With the possibility of reducing low birth weight rates by 17 percent, micronutrients supplementation to pregnant women, we believe, offers the highest possible return for the investment.
We show that the AFQT convergence is highly correlated with post-neonatal mortality rates and not with neonatal mortality and low birth weight rates, and that this result cannot be explained by schooling desegregation and changes in family background.
They can also be credited with cutting infant mortality rates and low birth weight rates in the communities where they are located by providing prenatal care, health education, and child health services.
Multiplying the 1991-92 projections of the number of births by the projected rate of low birth weight rates yields the projected number of low birth weight births for the period 1991-92.