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LHDLanding Helicopter Dock Ship
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LHDLow Harmonic Distortion
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This strategy offers simplicity, decoupled control for active and reactive powers, fast response, and good output currents with low harmonic distortion. Furthermore, as compared with other control techniques in the same field the suggested technique is PLL-less.
Fixed on-time control, however, is not enough to achieve high power factor and low harmonic distortion at the mains input voltage.
The new spectrum analyzers feature low harmonic distortion levels resulting in increased accuracy when measuring harmonic spurious levels and evaluating high power amplifier nonlinearities.
BLC Series AC Power Sources provider all the quality features customers are now expecting from Behlman, which These include low cost per VA; rugged construction; clean sine wave output with excellent line and load regulation; high effectiveness and low harmonic distortion.
The M8190A is a modular arbitrary waveform generator that delivers simultaneous high resolution and wide bandwidth with a large spurious-free dynamic range and low harmonic distortion. A proprietary digital-to-analog converter serves as the basis for the Arb's performance.
The next generation technology of the variable speed drive (VSD) increases performance, shows lower sensitivity to dust and achieves standard very low harmonic distortion.
Compared with the static var compensator (SVC), the STATCOM has advantages such as fast, continuous reactive power output ability, high efficiency and low harmonic distortion in the output current [2].
Chang, "High performance programmable ac power source with low harmonic distortion using DSP based repetitive control technique," IEEE Trans.
These motors have a sinusoidal torque function with very low harmonic distortion and low detent torque, as well as exceptional static and dynamic accuracy for any position, and under any load or speed conditions.
The filter is external to the chassis, allowing it to be removed easily for high power broadband sweeps or low harmonic distortion reflection tests.