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LILTLow Intensity Laser Therapy (soft tissue injury treatment)
LILTLow Intensity, Low Temperature
LILTLaboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies (University of Hawaii)
LILTLaboratory for Integrated Learning and Technology (Illinois State University)
LILTLibrary Information Literacy Tutorial (various organizations)
LILTLive Infusion of Local Talent (Colorado Women's Music Festival)
LILTLigated Intestinal Loop Test
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Dallas, TX, February 16, 2016 --( Therapy device market includes Negative Pressure Wound Care Therapy (NPWT), pressure relief devices, electrical stimulation devices, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and low intensity laser therapy. These techniques are used to promote healing in acute and chronic wounds.
For other group I would like to use Low Intensity Laser therapy. The word LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
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Low intensity laser therapy accelerates muscle regeneration in aged rats.
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