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LLPLimited Liability Partnership
LLPLifelong Learning Programme (EU)
LLPLower Layer Protocol
LLPLow Level Programming
LLPLink Layer Protocol
LLPLead Logistics Provider
LLPLifelong Learning Plan
LLPLoan Loss Provisioning
LLPLaw Library Publications (American Association of Law Libraries)
LLPLinguistics Language Program (University of California, San Diego)
LLPLeadless Leadframe Package (National Semiconductor Corporation)
LLPLinux Lab Project
LLPLiving Learning Program
LLPLower Level Protocol
LLPLocal Learning Partnership
LLPLimited Licensed Psychologist
LLPLandowner Liability Protections
LLPLife Limited Part (aircraft)
LLPLocal Language Publishing (various locations)
LLPLow Lying Placenta
LLPLink Layer Processor (computing)
LLPLong Lead Procurement
LLPLicense Limitation Program
LLPLink Level Protocol
LLPLiquid-Liquid Partition (chromatography)
LLPLive Long & Prosper
LLPLightning Location and Protection, Inc
LLPLine Link Pulsing
LLPLow Level Parser
LLPLightweight Laser Printer
LLPLeased Long Lines Program
LLPLow Level Positioner
LLPLower Lubricator Package
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Likewise some low level programming jobs may go and instead data scientists will be in huge demand.
With VIPER it is possible to focus on the design aspects of interactive projects without caring about non-added value elements like: low level programming, device and sensors wiring, communication protocols, mobile Apps development, etc.
Russinovich is a researcher for Microsoft, Solomon is a Windows internals trainer, and Ionescu is a software developer specializing in low level programming.
The on-chip processor is addressed by the host via an abstracted, encapsulated, message-based API, which eliminates the need for low level programming. The benefits to telecom OEMs and carriers include easier software integration and faster product development and time-to-market.
They say processes should be clearly exposed using open standards (debatably, BPEL, backed by Microsoft and IBM), there should be a minimum (or no) amount of proprietary or low level programming, and systems should support the manipulation of many processes in different ways.
The instrument drivers reduce test development time and simplify instrument control by eliminating the need to learn complex, low level programming protocol for each instrument.
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