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LMCSLivingston Manor Central School (New York)
LMCSLow Molecular Weight Chitosan (chemistry)
LMCSLead Member for Children's Services (UK)
LMCSLockheed Martin Control Systems
LMCSLocal Multipoint Communication Systems
LMCSLondon Market Claims Services (UK)
LMCSLight Modular Causeway System
LMCSLoan Management and Control System
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The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of introducing hydrophobic acyl groups with different chain length on the thermal properties of low molecular weight chitosan. Low molecular weight chitosan was selected because of its solubility in an aqueous environment.
Coating citrus fruit with low molecular weight chitosan increases postharvest quality and shelf life.
Analytical grade low molecular weight chitosan (75-85% deacetylated), titanium tetra isopropoxide (TTIP, 97% assay), sodium borohydride, glutaraldehyde (25% in [H.sub.2]O), acetic acid, and NaOH were purchased Sigma-Aldrich.
Hsieh, "Kinetic study of acid depolymerization of chitosan and effects of low molecular weight chitosan on erythrocyte rouleaux formation," Carbohydrate Research, vol.
Cellulase (endo-[beta]-glucanase from Trichoderma viride 3-10units/mg), low molecular weight chitosan (50-190 kDa, 75-85% deacetylated), and all chemicals were of analytical grade and purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (St.
Moon et al., "Molecular weight dependent glucose lowering effect of low molecular weight chitosan oligosaccharide (GO2KA1) on postprandial blood glucose level in SD rats model," International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol.
Low molecular weight chitosan [([C.sub.8][H.sub.15]N[O.sub.6]).sub.n] powder with 75% degree of deacetylation and soybean phosphatidylcholine were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich, USA.
Low molecular weight chitosan with 82% degree of deacetylation was obtained from Funakoshi Co., Ltd, Japan.
Orisett contains low molecular weight chitosan oligosaccharide bioactives derived from crab shells.
This phenomenon is similar to what was exhibited by low molecular weight chitosan (Table 2).
The influence of high and low molecular weight chitosan on colonic cell proliferation and aberrant crypt foci development in CF1 mice.
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