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LMWFLow Molecular Weight Fraction
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The FDA proposed an amendment to the Code of Federal Regulations for carrageenan in 1972 to lessen public exposure to degraded carrageenan (which has low molecular weight fractions and causes harm).
It is also possible that low molecular weight fractions in some ingredients may even be harmful to human health.
Thermal degradation of polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) is also initiated by random chain scission, which is, however, followed by unzipping and production of low molecular weight fractions; also in this case thermal degradation involves molecular weight decrease.
Alternatively, the reduction of higher molecular weight condensation polymers to low molecular weight fractions amenable to GC analysis can be achieved via chemical degradation reactions.
No bioactivity significantly higher than the negative control (4 [plus or minus] 4%) was detected in the low molecular weight fractions from the ethanol precipitate.
A possible explanation is that those chemicals, supported by an oily carrier or low molecular weight fractions of the plasticizer present in the compound, slowly migrate to the surface of the product and react with the fight radiation to produce a color change.
It also has a very homogeneous structure and little if any low molecular weight fractions. Consequently, it has a fairly narrow Tg region.
In terms of the disentanglement mechanism, it is known that this is facilitated by low molecular weight fractions. Material A has a significant low molecular weight tail, and in the low speed region where disentanglement occurs, it does exhibit a more brittle failure surface at a given temperature.
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