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LMWSLicensed Millimeter Wave Service
LMWSLoadmaster Work Station
LMWSLow Molecular Weight Species (membrane science)
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Process aids based on low molecular weight species such as fatty acids, for example, are commonly applied if further improvements in processability are required.
At the higher process temperatures, any low molecular weight species in the melt will likely be more volatile.
Chromium is ultimately removed from cells and appears in the urine as a low molecular weight species, which has been assumed based on its size to be LMWCr; however, the identity of the chromium-containing species in urine has never been firmly established.
They are available with mass ranges of up to 100, 200 or 300 amu, and are good for identifying low molecular weight species in relatively simple gas mixtures.
The LoMASS series of quadrupole mass spectrometers offer precise determination of low molecular weight species. Integration of the latest RF generation and 3-stage mass filter technology enables operation at twice conventional frequency rates providing major performance enhancement of both resolving power and abundance sensitivity.
In these types of polymerization reactions, a low molecular weight species, frequently water or an alcohol, is eliminated for each mainchain linkage.
MCINTIRE: Yes, 36- to 70-fold for high molecular weight species and 2- to 4-fold for low molecular weight species.
argentatum) and one low molecular weight species (F.
Therefore, mPOs exhibit lower shear sensitivity because of the absence of the low molecular weight species, which act as lubricants.
But the initial decay rate is still a measure of low molecular weight species while a slow decay at the longer time is a measure of high molecular weight species as shown schematically in figure 3.
In this type of reaction, one molecule of a low molecular weight species, frequently water or alcohol, is formed for each main chain linkage.
The compound containing white oil became yellowish and did not contain any low molecular weight species. The sample with a light paraffinic oil stayed black and did not show polar species on the surface, but more of the higher molecular weight paraffin molecules were present.
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