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Strictly, this is no longer an RCWS as the weapon is fully encased in a low profile turret. At basic protection level, Stanag Level 1, the MkII weighs about 1,500 kg, about 100 kg less than the MkI, while its maximum elevation is increased from +60[degrees] to +70[degrees], a useful feature when operating in urban or mountainous terrain.
The Stryker MGS is equipped with a General Dynamics Low Profile Turret (LPT) armed with an M68A1 105 mm gun (recycled from early production M1 tanks) fed by an automatic loader, thus enabling the vehicle to operate with a crew of only three (commander, gunner and driver).
The partners have proposed specialist variants that include mortar carriers, anti-tank missile vehicles and the Ascod 105 that could be fitted with a variety of 105 mm turrets such as Oto Melara's 105 Low Recoil Force Turret and the General Dynamics Low Profile Turret.
After a rather convoluted on/off funding and development cycle that at one stage included trials on an M60 tank, the M68A1 gun was selected for installation over the Lay III hull using what is described as a low profile turret (LPT) from General Dynamics Land Systems.
The mechanism block sports two large-diameter, low profile turrets for windage and elevation.