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LWMLocal Workload Manager
LWMLow Water Mark
LWMLong Way of Mesh (expanded metal mesh)
LWMLamb Weston/Meijer (potato processing company; EU)
LWMLiving Waters Ministries (community church)
LWMLost World Museum (Phoenix, NY)
LWMLight World Mission (religious organization; est. 1989)
LWMLiving Without Microsoft (website)
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To induce persons to erect them, the common law of England was altered by an ordinance, providing that the proprietor of land adjoining on the sea or salt water, shall hold to low water mark, where the tide does not ebb more than one hundred rods, but not more where the tide ebbs to a greater distance.(58)
| Kinmel Bay - the area of the beach between low water mark and the promenade between a point in line with Dinas Avenue Kinmel Bay and a point in line with Sandbank Road, Towyn | Llandudno North Shore - extending from Llandudno Pier to Clarence Road.
"These several points I solemnly swear to observe...under no less penalty on the violation of any of them than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the root, and buried in the sand of the sea at low water mark, or a cable's length from the shore, where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in 24 hours."
Barry Priddis, duty watch manager at Holyhead coastguard, said the small bomb was found on the low water mark on Tuesday but was covered by the tide.
Set to win 198 seats, the Conservative showing was short of Labour's 1983 low water mark of 209, which was seen by some as a benchmark of success.
This is a low water mark so expect heavy tackle losses.
The village green application covers down to the low water mark between MacKenzie Pier and the sailing club and would prevent this scheme going ahead.
Article 67 of the Constitution says riparian land is public land hence not available for allocation to anyone, while Article 62 says all rivers, lakes as defined by an act of parliament, and all land between high and low water marks are public land.
A guide price of between PS20,000 to PS25,000 had been put on the freehold of the foreshore, which is defined as the area between high and low water marks.
A guide price of between PS20,000 to PS25,000 has been put on the freehold of the foreshore, which is defined as the area between high and low water marks.
Thomas chooses exactly the right quote, from John Gosden: "The issue with Frankie was always trying to keep him between the high and low water marks ...
As with previous weeks, the best chance of finding any cod has been to fish the various rock edge and low water marks throughout the region from whereanglers have reported cod to 7lb with the odd low double-figure specimen as a bonus among them.