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LWVLinguistically Wave
LWVLow Water Volume (boilers)
LWVLimburgse Werkgevers Vereniging (Dutch: Limburg Employers Association; Netherlands)
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LWVLight Weight Vehicle
LWVLackawanna and Wyoming Valley Railway Company
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The morning will look at the use of different sprayers with a demonstration of a Danfoil low water volume sprayer in comparison to the farm standard Challenger RoGator using water sensitive paper.
Unfortunately, in the Republic of Moldova we are confronted with a low water volume per capita, the international threshold being 1700 m 3 , and in our country we have only 500 m 3.
Drip irrigation uses low water volume, low pressure, requires low energy, and has high application efficiency because it targets water to the root zone for efficient uptake (Ross 2004).
The tallest tower also features several measures to reduce water consumption (WC) including water flow restrictors and low water volume WC installed in all public areas, Al Matrooshi said.
The ProJet PowerCleaneru system provides the following advantages: 1) high-pressure (up to 5,100 psig) and low water volume (about 0.26 gallon per minute per nozzle) efficiently cleans process fabrics without chemical additives; 2) no contaminated water mist is expelled into the process area; 3) belt cleaning and drying is accomplished simultaneously; 4) contamination is collected and delivered to a save-all pan with a vacuum pick-up system that does not require an auxiliary vacuum pump or water separator system, and automatic nozzle, head cleaning and system maintenance is accomplished without interrupting continuous production.
Energy-saving lightbulbs have been installed where it doesn't impact on the hotel's aesthetics or atmosphere, lighting and heating is automatically switched off when areas are not in use and rooms are fitted with low water volume shower heads and toilets.
Toilets and urinals that use low water volume and low-flow showerheads and faucets are, according to Niles Barnes of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), "pretty much standard practice across U.S.
It limits the size of your system due to low water volume, and in many cases 1/2-inch pipe and fittings are more expensive than the one inch pipe.
Although this incident occurred at a wading pool, the conditions of low water volume, high bather load, and use by small children were similar to those of an interactive water fountain.
Marine RAS is expensive to purchase and operate, and requires high biomass culture density (kg/m3) that implies fast accumulation of toxic metabolized compounds in low water volume, implying significant volumes of fresh water.
Burj Khalifa also features several measures to reduce water consumption (WC) including water flow restrictors and low water volume WC installed in all public areas.