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LO FILow Fidelity
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Moore and Walton (2013) corroborated this finding of low fidelity to the transition phase in their study.
there were trainings for how to do an ACT [Assertive Community Treatment] model, how to do an FSP model, and we continue to get trainings from the county frequently." Implementation Domains Low Fidelity Characteristics of individuals (Program Director) Knowledge and "...
This sampling strategy resulted in a reduced sample size of 26 teachers, 12 of whom were categorized as high fidelity and 14 as low fidelity, for subsequent quantitative analysis.
Typically, low fidelity prototypes are employed early in the design process, to design the conceptual model (the high-level conceptualisation of the structure of the system), to explore alternative designs quickly and cheaply or to understand and model workflow, for example.
New physicians of the future will enter practice having done simulation training in a variety of high-acuity, low frequency scenarios -rather than learning solely through lectures and impromptu teaching after events have occurred--and those of us already in practice will likely find that working occasionally with low fidelity mannequins enables us to provide better, safer patient care while reducing our liability risk.
The invention also provides thermostable polymerases and nucleic acids encoding thermostable polymerases having altered fidelity, for example, high fidelity polymerases and low fidelity polymerases.
It quickly became apparent that all involved had similar questions: What type of simulator (high/ low fidelity, whole/part task) is best and how should the simulator be utilized?
And as it turns out, the "low fidelity" of moblog images is precisely their point.
Under direct supervision of faculty, the students had to effectively communicate with virtual patient, which was low fidelity simulator and also perform the steps of normal delivery.
Participants were separated into high and low fidelity and competence groups on the basis of a median-split; three 2 x 3 group by time MANOVA's were conducted using a multiple imputation approach for missing data and excluding the teacher CD/ODD measure as before.