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LBMLean Body Mass (medical/health)
LBMLumber and Building Materials
LBMPounds Mass
LBMLattice Boltzmann Model
LBMLittle Brown Mushroom (mycologist slang)
LBMLaser Beam Machining
LBMLanguages in Biology and Medicine (International Symposium)
LBMLoose Bowel Movement
LBMLow-Bit(s) Modulation
LBMLuis Boa Morte (football)
LBMLocal Bus Master
LBMLocation-Based Multicast
LBMLight Bearers Ministry (Jasper, OR)
LBMLocation-Based Media (mobile device media)
LBMLandscape Body Machine (band; Vancouver, Canada)
LBMLes Bielles Meusiennes (French automobile club)
LBMLooking for Better Management
LBMLoad Balancing Matrix
LBMLattice Block Material
LBMLocal Board Member
LBMLibra Mass (physical unit)
LBMLocalized Battle Management
LBMLifestyle Brand Management (UK)
LBMLower Bound Method
LBMPounds per meter
LBMLabor, Burden, Material
LBMLAN-Based Modem
LBMLand Based Modem
LBMLong Burn Motor
LBMLarge Ballistic Missile
LBMLong Boring Meeting
LBMLoad-Bearing Member (construction)
LBMLinMin Bare Metal
LBMLossy Blass Matrix
LBMLongbow Missile
LBMLattice-Based Modeling
LBMLayer-Based Manufacturing (fabrication)
LBMLearning by Making
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The chip family gives manufacturers very high video recording quality even at low-bit compression rates, enabling users up to eight hours of high quality recorded content onto standard DVD disc media.
The SH4-MPU family is designed for a range of multimedia applications that require a compact CPU core able to execute both general purpose code and codecs such as audio, speech and low-bit rate video.