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The latter region has not been as successfully studied by photon spectroscopy due to inherent problems with unambiguously measuring low-energy photons, or the "soft" photon of the scattered x-ray spectrum.
When the low-energy photons at the centre of the cavity reached a density of about a trillion photons per cubic centimetre, they began to act as a single photon, shifting in appearance from a blurry glow to a bright point.
For the low-energy photons (< 40 keV) emitted by [.sup.125]I and [.sup.103]Pd seeds, [bar.g] is very small (< 0.00065) and is taken to be zero.
The different locations of these emissions are explained by the progressive reduction of [Theta.sup.1] C's low-energy photons, which can pass through the ionization front but are absorbed by dust.
Norris finds that the more luminous the measured burst, the smaller the lag time between its high-energy and low-energy photons.
Because the far-flung electrons are weakly bound to the rest of the atom, low-energy photons from an infrared source can knock them loose.
The shower of low-energy photons seems to originate from faint clumps of material.
These accelerated electrons interact with low-energy photons in the region surrounding the neutron star to generate gamma rays.
Such results, he suggests, could stem from unconventional nuclear reactions that produce low-energy photons and thus yield an unconventional profile of fusion products.