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(67) Discordant morphologic features (eg, nodal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with low-grade follicular lymphoma in the bone marrow) are seen in approximately 40% to 60% of cases, (6,63) and therefore grading is not recommended on bone marrow biopsy specimens.
Examinations of the histological sections confirmed a low-grade follicular lymphoma, with a 5% proliferation rate measured by Ki-67 (Fig.
What is the prognosis for patients who relapse after primary radiation therapy for early-stage low-grade follicular lymphoma? Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys.
However, both patients had a history of prior low-grade follicular lymphoma, and molecular studies demonstrated the same clonal pattern of immunoglobulin heavy chain gene (IGH@) rearrangements in both the transformed lymphomas and their corresponding original low-grade B-cell lymphomas.
Grading can be difficult in a small biopsy specimen, but it should be attempted because high-grade follicular lymphoma (grade 3/3) has distinct prognosis and treatment from low-grade follicular lymphoma. When faced with a small biopsy specimen, clinicopathologic correlation is of great importance, including the patient's clinical status, extent of disease, and clinical history.
(2) Two of the cases of localized variety were of low-grade follicular lymphomas. (7,8)
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