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LICLow Intensity Conflict
LICLife Insurance Corporation of India
LICLong Island City
LICLicenciado (Spanish)
LICLiving in Community (various locations)
LICLiar in Chief (politics)
LICLeaders in Conservation (Canada)
LICLanguage in Context (various locations)
LICLiberty Insurance Corporation (various locations)
LICLife Insurance Corporate (India)
LICLicensed Internal Code
LICLinux Integration Center
LICLicense File
LICLocal Independent Charities of America
LICLafayette Instrument Company (Indiana)
LICLine Integral Convolution
LICLow-Income Country
LICLibrary Information Centre (various locations)
LICLarge Industrial Customer
LICLaser-Induced Contamination
LICLeiden Institute of Chemistry (Netherlands)
LICLove In Christ
LICLinear Integrated Circuit
LICLess Industrialized Country
LICLine Interface Card
LICLivestock Improvement Corporation Ltd
LICLabeler Identification Code
LICLepidoptera of Indo-China
LICLeague International for Creditors
LICLoyola International College (various locations)
LICLebanese Information Center
LICLAN Interface Card
LICLow Intensity Combat
LICLanguage Identification Code
LICLiving in Chaos
LICLibraries and Information Commission (UK)
LICLowest Incoming Channel
LICLike I Care
LICLong Island Conservatory
LICLanguage Instruction Centrum
LICLevel Indicator Controller (Industrial description of a controller)
LICLoop-in Control (aviation)
LICLimited Interim Clearance
LICChief Lithographer (Naval Rating)
LICLocal Interference Committees (ARRL)
LICLaser Intercept Capability
LICLaser Induced Chemistry
LICLoan Impairment Charge (finance)
LICLink Interface Controller
LICLightguide Interconnect Cable (AT&T)
LICLangley Investors' Club
LICLogic Input Channel
LICLink 11 Interface Converter (Tomahawk)
LICLimite Impiego Calendariale (Italian: Limit Calendar Use)
LICLogistics Information Center
LICLauniupoko Irrigation Company, LLC
LICLove in Colour (UK band)
LICLockout Incoming (Trunk)
LICLoan Interest Capitalized
LICLiability Computation
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As a result, when the low-income country takes over the existing technology from the foreign firm, it can transfer it to another third lower-income country afterward.
If a boy was born in 2012 in a high-income country, he can expect to live to the age of 76 -- 16 years longer than a boy born in a low-income country. For girls, the difference is even wider; a gap of 19 years separates life expectancy in high-income and low-income countries -- 82 verses 63 years.
"A child born in a low-income country is still 18 times more likely to die before five years of age than a child born in a high-income country," Gates said at the opening ceremony of the first Global Vaccine Summit.
"During the 2009 financial crisis, we were able to boost financial assistance to our low-income country members, helping them weather the storm and preserve their hard-fought gains in the battle against poverty.
Two exceptions to this rule were Japan, a high-income country with very low overall (0.7%) and annual (0.2%) prevalences, and Colombia, a low-income country with a high overall prevalence (2.6%).
Structural conditionality in medium-term, low-income country programs will become more flexible and focused on core goals tailored to each country.
In a statement, the director of the World Bank, Naoko Ishii, said, 'Ending the armed conflict definitely is an opportunity for Sri Lanka to graduate from a low-income country to a fully fledged middle-income country.'
This means that Nigeria, which owes over half of all the low-income countries' [pounds sterling] 4 billion debt to Britain, is not receiving remission, because the Bank and IMF have excluded it from the HIPC list although it is a low-income country.
The funds will be geared towards agriculture clients in rural areas of a low-income country.
However, to safeguard macroeconomic stability during the transition out of low-income country status in the medium-term, it will be important to strengthen the economy's resilience to external shocks and put in place the conditions for sustainable growth.
The loan is in execution of an initiative of the pan-Arab monetary institution to back the high-debt and low-income country.
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