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LIFSLaser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy
LIFSLondon International Film School
LIFSLund International Food Studies (Lund University; Sweden)
LIFSLow-Input Farming Systems (USDA)
LIFSLower Internal Facility Shields
LIFSLund Immigrant Association
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"Economic Viability of Organic and Low-Input Farming Systems." Sustainable Agriculture Farming Systems Project Sept.
HNV recognizes that certain types of farming--typically low-intensity, low-input farming systems, often with high structural diversity--are extremely valuable for biodiversity.
Organic and low-input farming systems have been shown to benefit farmland biodiversity although a generic indicator system to assess these benefits at European level is lacking.
Extra support for low-input farming systems such as organic.
Now she's spearheading another initiative: Breeding High-Quality Corn for Sustainable, Low-Input Farming Systems, or HQ-LIFS.
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