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LLTVLow Light Television
LLTVLunar Landing Training Vehicle (US NASA)
LLTVLow-Light (Level) Television
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The orange paint also absorbs ambient light, allowing it to glow in low-light levels.
While one teaser shows off the rumoured Animoji-style 3D Emojis, the other highlights the phones' low-light photography skills.
The Note 8's advantages chiefly come through its secondary camera, relatively noiseless low-light photography and lightning-quick autofocus.
In high dynamic range (HDR) mode and with best-in-breed low-light performance, the professional and consumer IP camera solution of Grain Media leverages the OV2718 for 1080p video capture at 30 frames per second.
The FBI's Law Enforcement Officer's Killed and Assaulted report reveals that more officers are feloniously killed in hours of darkness than during daylight, yet most cops receive little training in low-light shooting.
Low-light performance is largely dependent on the exit pupil.
The Low Light mode helps the user avoid using the iPhone's flash in low-light settings by leaving the shutter open for long periods.
Summary: The new range of IXUS cameras, featuring the HS system, will be an essential accessory in low-light situations
Some of the highest-end point-and-shoots, like the Canon S90, have risen to the challenge and adopted bigger image sensors for better low-light shots.
With winter holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to try out a few tricks and tips for taking better low-light and night photography.
Each model in the series features 45mm objective lenses, with larger exit pupils, together with Nikon's advanced Dielectric, high-reflective prism coatings and fully coated optics for improved low-light performance at a weight no greater than many 42mm binos.