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hookeri samples were prepared by two different drying methods, conventional low-temperature drying system minimizing the loss of volatile sulfur compounds and the optimized hot-air/long-time drying system minimizing unpleasant odor and taste.
Professor Pimentel also included a large energy input for crop drying but low-temperature drying has greatly reduced that energy input.
Low-temperature drying allows food to retain many qualities, such as color, flavor and nutrients, that are altered at greater temperatures.
The company Ferrari was the first automaker to introduce the color of low-temperature drying. Low Cure technology is developed by the chemical giant PPG.
Boards that were dried using the low-temperature drying schedule were used for the simulations.
A sensitivity analysis for Equation 3 using the coefficients in Table 3 for low-temperature drying indicated that a 1-hour drying time increase is caused by a 10.2-kg/[m.sup.3] increase in basic density, a 9.7 percent increase in initial moisture content, a 23.3 percent increase in heartwood percentage, or a 10[degrees] increase in the growth ring angle.
Analysis of color of the pitch pine boards dried by high temperature, low temperature, and air-drying, using [L.sup.*][a.sup.*][b.sup.*] color values, found little difference between low-temperature drying and air-drying (Table 1), with color metric difference values ([DELTA][E.sup.*.sub.ab]) of 1.7 in earlywood and 3 in latewood.
Some investigations have been carried out trying to identify where in the low-temperature drying process the color of the wood changes.
There is, however, strong interest by the pole-treating industry to dry red pine poles using temperatures in excess of 200[degrees]F (93.3[degrees]C) because of the potential to halve the drying time compared with low-temperature drying. This project was conducted to evaluate if there is any difference in bending properties between red pine poles dried at 170[degrees]F (76.7[degrees]C) and 230[degrees]F (110[degrees]C) prior to treatment with waterborne chromated copper arsenate (CCA) wood preservative.
Prior to preservative pressure-treatment, one group was subjected to low-temperature drying (LT group) whereas the second group was subjected to a faster drying schedule using a higher drying temperature (HT group).
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