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LFVLuftfartsverket (Swedish civil aviation)
LFVLepton Flavor Violation (physics)
LFVLarge Field of View (optics)
LFVLower Fraser Valley
LFVLateral Force Variation (property of a tire)
LFVLycée Français de Vienne (French: French School of Vienna; Austria)
LFVLos Feliz Village (East Hollywood, Los Angeles)
LFVLow Frequency Vibration
LFVLunar Flight Vehicle
LFVLuminal Front Velocity
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Neither across-the-slope farming nor contouring of row crops is widely practiced on the Whatcom soils in the upland area of the Lower Fraser Valley. Because there is no research information on its effectiveness in this area, a study designed to investigate across-the-slope farming for row crops was initiated in 1989.
The study site was located near Abbotsford, which is 5 km (3 mi) north of the B.C.-Washington border line, in the uplands area of the Lower Fraser Valley, southwestern British Columbia.
In the lower Fraser Valley, ozone concentrations exceeded the 82 ppbv target as often as 39 hours per year with peak levels as high as 200 ppbv.
Other non-attainment areas besides the three designated areas (ie., the lower Fraser Valley, the Windsor-Quebec corridor, and Saint John -- western Nova Scotia) will also be investigated, such as airsheds surrounding other large urban areas.
Nancy Olewiler, an economics professor at Simon Fraser University, values the waste-cleansing services of natural wetlands in the Lower Fraser Valley at a remarkable $230-million per year.
But in some parts of the basin, particularly the lower Fraser Valley, there may be up to 200 percent increase in population.
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