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LIQLower Inner Quadrant (anatomy)
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LIQLeiden Impotence Questionnaire (sex studies)
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8 Diameter [mm] n Lesion Inflammatory CA 1 Fibroadenoma 41 Ductal CA In Situ 5 Invasive Ductal CA 49 Invasive Lobular CA 3 Medullar CA 2 Papillary CA 2 Tubular CA 1 Location Lower Outer Quadrant 18 Lower Inner Quadrant 7 Upper Outer Quadrant 37 Upper Inner Quadrant 11 Retroareolar area 31 Breast Side Right 58 Left 46 Avg[+ or -]Sd Age [years] 48.
The upper inner quadrant in 63 (14%), lower inner quadrant was involved in 28 patients (6.
It was located in the lower inner quadrant in 6 and in the subareolar region in 10 cases.
In majority of the cases, mass was located in the left breast in the upper outer quadrant and least in the lower inner quadrant.
UIQ = Upper inner quadrant; UOQ = Upper outer quadrant; LIQ = Lower inner quadrant.
of Patients Percentage Upper outer quadrant 26 52% Upper inner quadrant 06 12% Lower outer quadrant 01 02% Lower inner quadrant 04 08% Central quadrant 13 26% Table 5 Stage of Disease No.
On examination, lump was 6 x 5 cm, mobile, mild tender, firm, ill-defined at lower inner quadrant of right breast.