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LLMMaster of Laws
LLMLower Laguna Madre (Texas)
LLMLocal Linear Model
LLMLow-Level Modeling
LLMLegum Magister
LLMLow Level Magnesium
LLMLycée Louis Massignon (French school in Abu Dhabi, UAE)
LLMLatin Legum Magister (Master of Laws)
LLMLin Lunin Maldacena (class of half supersymmetric solutions in string theory)
LLMLower Landing Minimums
LLMLocal Level Model
LLMLaunch Loader Module
LLMLunar Landing Mission (US NASA)
LLMLoader Launcher Module
LLMLight Load Mode
LLMLogical Link Multiplexing
LLMLayered Lossy Medium
LLMLocal Logic Memory
LLMLow Loss Matching
LLMLeft Lane Must Turn Left
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The appearance and establishment of several tropical seaweeds have been documented in the Lower Laguna Madre, Texas, in recent years.
Inshore & Offshore >> Wade-fish for big speckled trout and redfish in the Lower Laguna Madre, just north of the South Padre Island area; or head offshore for spectacular fishing for tuna, wahoo, grouper, and snapper.
It is abundant in Halodule beds in Lower Laguna Madre, Texas (Sheridan & Minello 2003), and in this study it was abundant in LM and Lt in Halodule meadows.
Bruce Shuler of Get-A-Way Adventures Lodge in Port Mansfield, Texas, bags quite a few of the ungainly birds in the lower Laguna Madre area, although mostly as a bonus species.
Briefly, this data set comprised young-of-the-year (YOY) spotted seatrout from eight of Texas' nine major bay systems over a three year period (hereafter, SL = Sabine Lake; EM = East Matagorda Bay; WM = West Matagorda Bay; SB = San Antonio Bay; AB = Aransas Bay; CC = Corpus Christi Bay; UL = Upper Laguna Madre; LL = Lower Laguna Madre, Fig.
The research objective was to confirm the presence of arsenic-tolerant bacteria in the Lower Laguna Madre of south Texas.
Scallops were abundant in areas of Aransas Bay and lower Laguna Madre in the 1950's, and in parts of upper Laguna Madre in 1975-77 and 2004-05.
AFTER WAITING FOR A DAME heavy fog to lift we made our run from a marina on Texas's South Padre-Island to a shoreline near the Cullen House, a prime spot in the heart of the lower Laguna Madre redfish country.
In the lower Laguna Madre area, South Padre Island's bayside is a flat, sandy area a few miles wide that looks like a desert covered with a carpet of blue-green algae.
Range extensions of Codium taylorii and Caulerpa prolifera from the Lower Laguna Madre, Texas.
Data for this study were collected from 15 May 1978 through 14 May 1985 (Osburn and Ferguson, 1986) on 4,397 randomly selected days on weekends and weekdays in the Galveston, Matagorda (including East Matagorda), San Antonio, Aransas, Corpus Christi, and upper and lower Laguna Madre bay systems.