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LLQLow Latency Queuing
LLQLong-Lived Queries (Domain Name System)
LLQLower Left Quadrant (aka Left Lower Quadrant)
LLQLower Limit of Quantitation
LLQLow-Level Qualifier (computer programming)
LLQLeatherman Leadership Questionnaire
LLQLevel of Quantitation (pharmaceutical research)
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7) and the lowest mean was produced in the lower left quadrant (x=26.
The lower left quadrant are the low possibility thinkers who see from today's perspective.
On examination mesially tilted mandibular second molar was also found on lower left quadrant (Figure 2).
In the lower left quadrant, when fixed costs are low and competitive advantage is low, we advocate simple transactional outsourcing.
In the lower left quadrant, a firm's strategy and jurisdictions provide low value to clients and their business goals (and ultimately their board and shareholders' goals).
In the physical examination of the patient who was treated with oral contraceptive and hormonal suppression for 15 months after the previous operation, there was a painful swelling about 2 cm in size in the medial of incision line in her lower left quadrant.
In this chart, the lower left quadrant (labeled the "Troubled Zone"), are the AOTM farms.
Next, the process flows to the lower left quadrant where new or modified capabilities are defined.
SEVERAL WEEKS OF ABDOMINAL PAIN in the lower left quadrant prompted a 58-year-old woman to visit her doctor in March.
Following surgery, she developed a fever and tenderness in her lower left quadrant.
Surprisingly, the only variable that seemed to have influenced the survival time of band and loop SMs in this study was the quadrant in which the appliance was cemented; those cemented in the maxilla and mandibular lower left quadrant seemed to have a higher survival time compared with those cemented in the right quadrants.
Pain in the lower left quadrant could indicate testical torsion, urinary tract problems, or colon or aortic aneurisms.