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LLNLouvain-La-Neuve (Belgium)
LLNLanguage, Literacy and Numeracy (various locations)
LLNLaugh Like Niall
LLNLiteracy, Language and Numeracy (education)
LLNLifelong Learning Network
LLNLower Limit of Normal
LLNLaw of Large Numbers
LLNLatina Leadership Network (California)
LLNLine Link Network
LLNLag in the Late Night (gaming podcast)
LLNLes Legions Noires (group of French bands)
LLNLaboratoire Louis Néel (laboratory at Universite Joseph Fourier Grenoble)
LLNLinked Local Network (radio show)
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Clinical relevance of fixed ratio vs lower limit of normal of [FEV.sub.1]/FVC in COPD: patient-reported outcomes from the CanCOLD cohort Ann Fam Med.
In AMSAN, the sensory action amplitudes will be less than the lower limit of normal while AMAN will not have any deficits in the sensory action potentials [3, 22].
Her calcium level was kept stable in the lower limit of normal in the second half of pregnancy and during lactation, to prevent any fetal harm.
Hemoglobin below the lower limit of normal, absence of prior nephrectomy, and having treatment begin within one year of diagnosis were all associated with worse survival.
The authors suggested updated algorithms for the lower limit of normal (LLN) and the z-scores, and highlighted the racial differences as well as the great need for studies from the African continent.
values 42-80 [micro]mol/L) was lower limit of normal range.
A BMI of 18.5, lower limit of normal weight, corresponded to WC of 72.50 +- 0.70 cm and 72.84 +- 6.41 cm in males and females respectively.
(9) His larger follow-up study with 443 skeletons and 2,166 vertebral levels demonstrated slightly larger measurements with an average mid-sagittal diameter of 16 mm and a lower limit of normal of 13 mm.
This definition resulted in 2.5% of the normal population being classified as anemic and Lower limit of normal for hemoglobin 12-18 years (female) is 12 g/dl.12
At the time of receiving subsequent biologic treatment, 83% of the patients had peripheral B-cell counts below the lower limit of normal, he noted.
22.00deg+-4.49deg, that is at the lower limit of normal range 5.2mm respectively.(25deg+-3deg).
After the treatment there was a reliable increase in the number of CD4 + cells in patients treated with CT (30.5 [+ or -] 0.7%), which in 6 months increased to the lower limit of normal (32.9 [+ or -] 0.5%).
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