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Under the charter, Danish, Upper Sorbian, Lower Sorbian, North Frisian, Sater Frisian, Low German and Romani are defined as regional or minority languages protected in Germany.
The number of speakers of Upper Sorbian today is estimated at thirty to forty thousand, and that of Lower Sorbian at ten to twenty thousand.
The editors cite sources in Upper and Lower Sorbian, Polish, Czech, Russian, and German.
However, Europeans will mark his 150th birthday in 2003 and acknowledge him as the greatest Lower Sorbian poet of all time, and we will do well to sit up and take notice.
Most important for Kosyk was his participation in the revision of the Lower Sorbian Lutheran hymnal, in which he personally edited one-third of more than 600 hymns that were included at that time.
8) There is an ongoing scholarly debate as to whether there are two distinct Sorbian languages or just one with two different dialects, an Upper and a Lower Sorbian.