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LWSRLower Wisconsin State Riverway (est. 1989)
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The complaint was filed in Crawford County Circuit Court a day before the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board is expected to vote on whether to issue a permit for a frac sand mine, which would be located near the Iowa border a few miles east of the Mississippi River, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
In this study, we examine how the vegetation of the floodplain forests of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway has responded to multiple ecological and anthropogenic factors during the last 50 y.
Understanding the role each of these factors play in community dynamics is important for the management and conservation of these forests, which have regional ecological significance and are part of an important state protected area, the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 1988).
Conservation in temperate river-floodplain forests: a comparative analysis of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway and the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve.
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