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We hypothesize that a lower-body compression garment may improve muscle comfort, leading to lower production of blood lactate ([LAC]), and lowering the RPE in submaximal stages, which could lead to a higher power output.
The additional two visits were: (a) the placebo (PL, lower-body garment without compression); and (b) the compression (CP, lower-body compression garment (knee to ankle), with adequate sizes and compression (approximately 20 mmHg) according to the manufacturer instructions (FLETS[R]X3X Ultra, Brazil).
As an ergogenic aid, it is believed that the benefit of wearing a lower-body compression garment is related to the improved venous hemodynamics (11,22) that increases enddiastolic volume and cardiac output (14,25), although such changes are not always observed when the subject is not lying down (15,18).
A possible limitation of the present study was that the applied pressure of the lower-body compression garment was not measured, and only reported the approximated value indicated by the manufacturer.
We conclude that lower-body compression garment (knee-to-ankle) does not improve physiological performance in trained subjects during an incremental cycle ergometer exercise test.
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