LoxPLocus of Crossover in P1 (genetics)
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To deregulate PI3K/Akt and canonic Wnt signaling in the mouse ovarian surface epithelium, genetically engineered mice with loxP sites in selected introns of the Pten and Apc genes were crossbred so that both copies of both genes contained the appropriate loxP sites.
When Cre encounters two loxP sites that scientists have inserted into a mouse chromosome, the enzyme cuts out the intervening DNA (SN: 7/9/94, p.
coli expression vector containing loxP sites to facilitate the removal of the kanamycin marker.
TM] line (Figure 4A line 1) can be used to excise DNA sequence flanked by two loxP sites (Figure 4A line 2).
In the US, patents were granted on chemisynthetic libraries, use of self-splicing introns with the loxP dual combinatorial system, and on CAT's ProxiMol(R) technology.