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LVFLoyalist Volunteer Force
LVFLeft Ventricular Function
LVFLeft Ventricular Failure
LVFLocation Validation Function (computing)
LVFLégion des Volontaires Français (French: Legion of French Volunteers)
LVFLinear Variable Filter
LVFLibertarian Victory Fund (political fundraising group)
LVFLavatory Vent Fan
LVFLine Voltage Fluctuation
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LVF: Loyalist Volunteer Force. Foundery Billy Wright, murdered by republicans in the Maze.
Loyalist splinter group the Red Hand Defenders - a cover name used in the past by the Loyalist Volunteer Force - claimed responsibility for the killing which acting First Minister Sir Reg Empey and acting Deputy First Minister Seamus Mallon called "an attack on democracy itself".
The Red Hand Defenders - used in the past as a cover name for both the Ulster Defence Association and the Loyalist Volunteer Force - issued a statement to a Belfast newsroom claiming responsibility.
THE Loyalist Volunteer Force yesterday came under mounting pressure to end months of feuding with rival Protestant groups.
Assemblyman Billy Hutchinson said that Ulster Freedom Fighters and Loyalist Volunteer Force members were running amok.
THE leadership of the Loyalist Volunteer Force last night ordered all its military units to stand down.
A truce was reached between the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Loyalist Volunteer Force after weeks of talks involving church and community representatives.
Police believe he may have been killed in a fallout over drugs and the murder of Loyalist Volunteer Force member Stephen Wa rnock in Newtownards last September.
And since his release from prison in May he has been forging links with the Loyalist Volunteer Force terror group.
The murder has been claimed by loyalist terror group the Red Hand Defenders, a cover name used by the Loyalist Volunteer Force and the Ulster Defence Association.
Security chiefs fear the UFF and the Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF) who are both opposed to the Agreement are planning widespread violence around the time of next month's Orange Order demonstration at Drumcree.
Bosses of the ruthless Loyalist Volunteer Force are swelling the ranks with gung-ho talk of guns and heroics to impressionable young Rangers fans.