Lp3Legionella Pneumophila serogroup 3
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Coordenadas y contribuciones de las modalidades Coordenadas de la columna Dim1 Dim2 Dim3 LP1 -0,4600 -0,0822 0,0668 LP2 0,7868 11,999 -0,6621 LP3 14,143 -11,321 0,5104 NB1 -0,4886 -0,2191 0,0585 NB2 0,5544 0,9964 -0,3409 NB3 18,692 -12,373 0,5380 DESN 0,8362 0,4636 0,7002 NORM -0,0156 -0,4650 -10,139 SOBPES -0,3613 0,3295 0,8593 Cosenos cuadrados para puntos de columnas Dim1 Dim2 Dim3 LP1 0,4870 0,0155 0,0103 LP2 0,1282 0,2982 0,0908 LP3 0,3023 0,1937 0,0394 NB1 0,4411 0,0887 0,0063 NB2 0,1070 0,3456 0,0405 NB3 0,3584 0,1570 0,0297 DESN 0,1468 0,0451 0,1029 NORM 0,0002 0,1727 0,8209 SOBPES 0,0808 0,0672 0,4574 Fuente: Calculos propios.
With LP3, Restorations has taken every potential cliche and tossed them out the window to create the most memorable and standout record of their career to date.
LP1 has enough on it to keep her loyal fans happy - but it will take some future LP2 or LP3 to match Soul Sessions.
Es necesario mencionar que la linea de pobreza que propuso este comite, denominada LP3, no fue la asumida por la Sedesol.
The second single from the Brooklyn-based duo's third album, LP3, is an addictive slice of electronica, hooking the listener with its mix of disco, hip hop and film soundtrack-like beats.
For the recording of LP3, Mast and Stroud decamped to the Catskills to lay down tracks at Old Soul Studios.
9 percent in the first nine months of the year to reach LP3,032.
LP3 moves that sound on a little further, and while still containing no vocals aside from the odd sample here and there, it's a remarkably emotive record.
BONITA LAWRENCE (Mi'kmaw) is an assistant professor in the School of Social Sciences, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies, York University, Toronto, ON, Canada, M3J lP3 (e-mall: bonital@yorku.
This would be followed later by a second evaluation of LP2 and LP3.
RefPeerList = {LP1, LP2, LP3, CP1, CP2, CP3}; //Then, the set of connected neighboured peers is selected.