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LPCMLinear Pulse-Code Modulation
LPCMLinear Pcm
LPCMLaboratoire de Physico-Chimie Moléculaire
LPCMLaboratoire de Physique et Chimie Marines (French laboratory)
LPCMLines Per Centimeter (halftone dot measurement unit for the printing industry)
LPCMLow-Placed Conus Medullaris
LPCMLeukocyte-Poor Cell Masses
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We simulate 100,000 paths using the standard normal random variables to generate the PCA-climate index and the [[DELTA][CO.sub.2] index using AR(1) from 2001 to 2011, which allows us to compute the hurricane frequency parameter with 2-RPCM, LPCM, LPCM*, and LPM* in each year.
We compute the expected value for the 1,000 extreme paths of total hurricane losses to obtain TVaR of hurricane risk based on 2-RPCM, LPCM, LPCM*, LPM*, and LM* in each year at the 1 percent significance level.
This figure shows that TVaR in LM* is much lower than those values from LPM*, LPCM*, LPCM, and 2-RPCM.
We further compare 2-RPCM, LPCM, LPCM*, LPM*, and LM* to obtain greater insight on the influence of the regime-switching effect, the physical characteristics effect, the [CO.sub.2] effect, and the PCA-climate index effect on TVaR.
A lower void area/sheet was reported at 70 lpcm, 17 s, 1.333 m [s.sup.-1], and 80 Shore A hardness.
The interaction plot shows minimum void area at 70 lpcm, 17 s, 1.333 [ms.sup.-1], and 80 Shore hardness, hence these are considered as best settings.
The best settings, i.e., 70 lpcm, 17 s, 1.333 m [s.sup.-1], and 80 Shore A, as obtained from the interaction plot, were confirmed by conducting a press run and then checking its consistency by re-running for 5 days (Table 5).
This study also found the optimal parameters as 70 lpcm, 17 s, 1.333 m [s.sup.-1], and 80 Shore A.
Incorporating the CineMaster(R) digital audio/video decoder, CinePlayer is a high performance all-software PC media player solution designed to decode DVD, Video CD, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video streams; as well as CD audio, Dolby Digital AC-3, LPCM, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 digital audio formats.
Audio: The genuine LPCM audio track was created using all of the soundtracks on the original performance master tape.