LRADLong Range Acoustic Device (non-lethal weapon that creates a directed beam of earsplitting noise)
LRADLand Redistribution for Agricultural Development (Department of Agriculture; South Africa)
LRADLand Reform for Agricultural Development (various nations)
LRADLicentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance
LRADLong-Range Alpha Detection
LRADLogistics and Readiness Analysis Division
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According to The Economist (2004) the LRAD incapacitates anyone within 300 meters, causing instant headaches.
So, we have decided to make use of LRAD," a senior Delhi Police officer said.
The LRAD, however, is not considered to be within the "defense article" category defined by the U.
Bosses at the LRAD Corporation in San Diego have sold their devices to the US Navy and Air Force as well as police forces around the world.
However, we expect US Military business to pick up this quarter as our LRAD systems are aligned with current military initiatives to procure COTS (commercially available off-the-shelf) products that have passed stringent testing and meet MIL-SPEC standards.
Part II of this article discusses why the LRAD was developed and how the LRAD can be used to assist the U.
We used the LRAD to move large groups of combating detainees.
She said she had read the citation and was surprised we only had a hose and LRAD device on board.
The LRAD 500 configuration provides the operator with a critical tool to hail, notify, warn, or gain compliance in host nation languages before escalating to a non-lethal or lethal response against unauthorized individuals or groups approaching Army convoys on foot or in vehicles," mentions A.
NEW YORK -- Iroquois Capital Management, LLC today commented on the first fiscal quarter earnings released by LRAD Corporation (NASDAQ: LRAD).
The much-touted LRAD devices that cause extreme auditory discomfort to Somali pirates and hooligans may also be used against the officers and crew of an opposing ship, but putting on the right kind of counter-measures such as earplugs could prove to be a damper.
This includes the LRAD which will be deployed during the Olympic Games primarily to be used in the loud hailer mode as part of the measures to achieve a maritime stop on the Thames," he added.