LRITLow Rate Information Transmission
LRITLong Range Identification & Tracking (maritime security)
LRITLearning Resources and Information Technology (various locations)
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LRIT can give the position of a ship every six hours or at least four times a day while the terrestrial-based AIS has a coverage range of 40 nautical miles.
Channel Bit rate Max daily data (GB) 1 HRIT-H 11.6 Mbps 123 2 HRIT-VI 9.3 Mbps 65.9 3 HRIT-V2 750 Kbps 2.6 4 LRIT 150 Kbps 1.58 Contents Frequency 1 LI of all 14 channel data of AGRI 1,680 MHz 2 a) GIIRS data 1,679 MHz b) LMI data c) Part of L2 products 3 A part of AGRI data 1,679 MHz 4 Low-resolution image of AGRI 1,697 MHz Table 6.
The system contains vessel information and tracks vessel movements on the basis of the AIS and LRIT. OASIS stores information on over a million vessels.
Coast Guard utilizes AIS, LRIT, and other systems to increase maritime domain awareness).
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SEVERAL members of the GCC have joined forces to form a Co-operative Data Centre for Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT), announced the Transportation Ministry's ports and maritime affairs.
The new joint data center has installed the Pole Star Space Applications which provides ships' identity and tracking services (LRIT) for the GCC states.
The third and outermost ring consists of satellite- based Long Range Identification and Tracking ( LRIT), which can keep an eye out for any vessel passing through the waters about 1,600km off the Indian coastline, but it will only come up over the next decade.
The data would also be integrated with other monitoring systems like Automatic Identification System (AIS), and Long Range Identification and Tracking Systems (LRIT).
These accomplishments include becoming the first country in the entire Middle East to implement Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT), advocating the integration of the GCC systems into a Co-operative Data Centre (CDC) and participating in the Voluntary IMO Member States Audit Scheme (VIMSAS).
Developed by the Little Rock Information Technology Department(LRIT), the system represents the city's largest technological advancement In record keeping in more than 20 years.
"The measures taken by Morocco in this strategic region are welcomed by the international community," he said, recalling that the Kingdom has also established the Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) of ships system.