LROSLittle Ray of Sunshine
LROSLloyd's Register of Shipping (publication; maritime insurance; UK)
LROSLeicestershire Rutland Ornithological Society (birds; UK)
LROSLand Rovers of Switzerland (automobile club)
LROSLaser Remote Optical Sensing
LROSLufia II: Rise of Sinistrals (gaming)
LROSLong-Range Optical System
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(70) It is important to note that the LRO does not include a built-in appeals process and has been perceived by some as a risky option.
There have been critiques of the LRO by members of the ICANN community due to the fact that different panelists determine the LRO objections and there have been inconsistencies in the panel rulings as a result.
LRO Training Flow (Accession LROs) LRO Training Flow Accession Officers Time in Service 0-6 Months Logistics Readiness Officer Orientation Program (LOOP) 21R1: Attend LRO Basic Course.
Analysis will center on the evolution of the logistics readiness squadron and the logistics readiness officer's (LRO) development as a career field throughout the last two decades.
LROs raise some serious questions from the viewpoint of the lessor.
Strategy decides where to act; logistics brings the troops to that point." (8) In order to determine the overall effectiveness of logistics in military operations and the performance of LROs, the author reviewed several lessons learned documented from recent operations.
Even though Air Force logisticians are viewed favorably in the Joint environment, there are certain steps logistics readiness officers (LROs) can take to ensure that they command the respect they deserve from their peers in the Army and Marine Corps.
* Nine AFLMA personnel were deployed during 2007 to Iraq and Afghanistan: six logistics readiness officers (LROs), one fuels specialist, and two analysts.
But the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, which is circling the moon even now, has detectors that can get at least a sense of the minerals below.
If you are a logistics readiness officer (LRO), learn about the MICAP requirements and parts--dive in and become the expert.
* Seven AFLMA personnel were deployed during 2007 to Iraq and Afghanistan: five logistics readiness officers (LRO), one contracting officer, and one analyst.