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LRRRLaser Ranging Retro Reflector (Apollo 11; US NASA)
LRRRLittle River Railroad and Lumber Company
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E: lrrr ((luristab)) ahh (0.3) mis=sa muud teed (0.5) '(slurping) ah, what else can you do'
Curve LRRR is the long-run rate-revenue curve associated with the long-run demand curve [D.sub.L].
Long-run stability of the equilibrium requires that this tangency must also be on the long-run curve LRRR. Since an increase in the tax rate causes revenue to increase more in the short run than in the long run, Buchanan and Lee's theory guarantees that in equilibrium "the tax rate will be above that which would be chosen by a government whose time horizon is as long as the period required for taxpayers to make full adjustments to rate changes" [1982, 350].