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LRVLos Roques, Venezuela
LRVLight-Rail Vehicle
LRVLight Recreational Vehicle
LRVLeisure Recreational Vehicle
LRVLuxury Recreational Vehicle
LRVLunar Roving Vehicle
LRVLight Reconnaissance Vehicle (gaming)
LRVLog Reduction Value (filtration)
LRVLog Removal Value (US EPA)
LRVLeague of Rural Voters (est. 1985)
LRVLaunch Readines Verification (US NASA)
LRVLower Range Value
LRVLenticular Reentry Vehicle
LRVLoisirs Rixheim Vélos (French cycling club; Rixheim, France)
LRVLowest Relative Value
LRVLeaf Roll Virus
LRVLight Reflectivity Value
LRVLight Recovery Vehicle
LRVLiquid Reactor Vessel
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Following its original seed investment in LRV Capital Management, LLC ("LRV"), Stride Capital Group, LP ("Stride") has announced the successful transition of the LRV team to Lazard Asset Management LLC ("LAM"), the company said.
The LRV entrapment of SMA and aorta was first described in 1950.
Other contractors, including General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Oshkosh Defense, have indicated they might be interested in pursuing the LRV, depending on the final capability requirements.
The media reports are clearly meant to intimidate any individual who might consider giving evidence before this Tribunal," the LRV wrote in its Monday filing to pretrial Judge Daniel Fransen.
After a short period of modeling it was recognized that some of the standardized functions and subroutines cannot be used for the simulation of the assembly of LRV.
LRV supporters work with local healthcare facilities to coordinate venues for students and lab professionals to interact.
5 la composta R presento la mayor abundancia de propagulos de hongos, mientras la composta T y la lombricomposta LRV no presentaron crecimiento de los mismos; a pH 7.
We flew 43, 40, and 43 sample units in the MRV and 27, 28, and 25 sample units in the LRV in 2005, 2006 and 2007, respectively.
Only six clubs won between 1887 and 1892 - Hibs, Renton, 3rd LRV, Queen's Park, Hearts and Celtic.
Tenders are invited for relay twinco tba1 repair kit: lrv pd-1 relay consists of: contact bloce-000-2205-1-0, bottom cover-000-18 77-1-0, contact cover-000-1875-1-0, contact cover gasket "c"-000-1882-1-0, upper gasket "c"-000-1950-1-0, lower gasket cover-000-1774-1-0, contact cover gasket "d"-000-1883-1-0 upper gasket "b"-000-1951-1-0, coil spring washer-000-1781-1-0 twinco #000-4020-1-0 septa stock no.
Bus and LRV arrival and departure information will be displayed on dynamic message signs located along selected bus stops as well as LRV stations.
After it completed its 4-day, 1900km road trip from Brookville, Pennsylvania, the first LRV for the Oklahoma City Streetcar project reached the city on 13th February.