LRYLiberal Religious Youth (Unitarian Universalist church; now Young Religious Unitarian Universalists)
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(18) Figures 1a to 1c report the data series in the level form where LREX is the log of real export earnings (taka), LRY is the log of export-weighted foreign real income (index), and LREER is the log of the real effective exchange rate of the taka (index).
If the estimates of Equations 2.1 and 2.2 from the postwar data for the DCs could capture the entire "long swing" of inequality, the expected signs on the parameters for LRY and LRYSQ would be positive and negative, respectively, when the dependent variable is a measure of inequality, namely, the Gini and the income share of the top 20%.
LRY Log real domestic final expenditure per capita in the UK.
She added that the company's employees are solid in their support for Leo Rey, who also has her support as well as that of her other daughter Ginnette Yanson-Dumancas, adding 'if you insist on the legality of your claims, let the courts decide first before proceeding on any actions against the terminals or against any employees loyal to me or LRY', referring to Leo Rey's initials.
Yukon Obligation * Loi sur les langues, legislative, mais ne LRY 2002, c 133, art peut etre modifiee, 4.
Calm, dignified and laconic, Pellegrini is the antithesis of the brash, outspoken and egodriven igns of lry has ngland.
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