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LSTARLondon St. Thomas Association of Realtors (London, Ontario, Canada)
LSTARLightweight Surveillance Target Acquisition Radar
LSTARLimited Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports
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The non-linearity makes the estimated equation a specific case of the LSTAR (Logistic Smooth Transition Autoregressive) model discussed for instance in Tong (1983).
This paper centers on the so-called Logistic STAR or LSTAR, where F([s.sub.t]) is the logistic function
We are simply trying to encourage people to join in, whatever their age or artistic ability, to express them- selves and share their lStar.
and equations (1)-(3) define the logistic STAR model or LSTAR. In equation (3) F(- [infinity]) = 0 and F(+ [infinity]) = 1, so the extreme regimes are defined for very high and very low values of [y.sub.t-d]; c is a location parameter such that F(c) = 0.5; [gamma] is a slope parameter that determines how rapid the transition is.
lStar sprinter Solinus (Vincent O'Brien/Lester Piggott) wins the Nunthorpe at York.
My vector autoregression (VAR) model is constructed to accommodate a potentially important departure from linearity through a logistic smooth transition autoregression (LSTAR) specification.
A Markov regime switching model and an LSTAR model are employed to take account of possible multiple equilibria and asymmetric responses to positive and negative shocks.
Securities and Exchange Commission, affirmed two classes of Lone Star Funds' LSTAR Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust 2015-3 commercial mortgage pass-through certificates.