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LTGENLieutenant General
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At trial, defense counsel alleged that Col Ewers had improperly participated in advising LtGen Mattis on disposition of appellant's case.
With the Brazilian government's procrastination on the Mirage III replacement and out of sheer necessity, LtGen Bueno said in late 2004 that the service, then just a year away from the withdrawal of the Mirage III from service, should make either a quick choice for a stopgap aircraft or leave the skies over Brasilia undefended.
We departed for Kuwait City two days before the war started and remained there until 24 April when LtGen McKiernen, the Coalition Forces Land Component Commander, declared Iraq a permissive environment.
After his meeting with LtGen Mison, Prince Faizuddin visited the AFP Reserve Command (AFPRESCOM) also in Camp Auinaldo.
According to LtGen (ret) Orlando Soriano, then GRP chief negotiator with MILF Chairman Hashim Salamat, these were key indicators that the MILF leadership wanted real peace in Mindanao - because they were already so weary from continuous fighting.
5) Statement of Vice Admiral David Architzel, USN, Principal Military Deputy, Research, Development and Acquisition, LTGEN George J.
I Anzac Corps Mounted Troops, consisting of the Corps Cavalry Regiment and the Corps Cyclist Battalion, were inspected by the Corps Commander, LTGEN Sir W.
The UPS Store franchise owners are truly making a difference in communities across the country through the more than $2 million they've donated to the Toys for Tots Literacy Program," said LtGen.
It destroys our youth, the fibers of the Filipino family and the Filipino society as a whole, said LtGen Raul J.
This was the first meeting between the prime minister and LtGen Rizwan Akhtar after he took office as director general.
Federal Minister for States and Frontier Regions, LtGen.
The Deputy Commander of United States Cyber Command, LtGen Jon Davis, will present the keynote remarks at the 2014 Symposium.