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This is the latest example of the investment already made in the Lubbock area.
A police forensic van arriving at the star's home; Stuart Lubbock; Terry Lubbock
Lubbock J&G said that Mid-America agreed to make changes to the equipment in a timely manner, according to Colony's lawsuit.
Asked Tuesday about running, Lubbock County GOP Chairman Carl Tepper said he was "looking at it" and would probably take at least two weeks to decide.
Lubbock Fine's role as the lead firm is that of audit coordinator as well as conducting the UK audits.
Commenting on the findings, Essex Deputy Chief Constable Andy Bliss said: "I have visited Terry Lubbock to deliver a personal apology on behalf of Essex Police.
APOLOGY: To Terry Lubbock, whose son Stuart, far right, was found dead at Barrymore's mansion, below; POOL TRAGEDY: Entertainer Michael Barrymore has always protested his innocence over the death of Stuart Lubbock
The Independent Police Complaints Commission said a pool thermometer and a door handle, which may have been used to assault Mr Lubbock, were never seized by officers or forensically tested.
Lubbock Fine managing partner Mark Turner comments: “We are very lucky to have persuaded Clare to join us.
With its close proximity to Lubbock, the entire West Texas region will benefit, as SMG will attract a larger number and wider variety of performances and events to both of these facilities.
Wellness Lubbock is a subsidiary of Radiation Oncology of the South Plains (ROOSP), which is part of Lubbock Cancer Center, the first and only freestanding outpatient cancer treatment facility in Lubbock, Texas, and voted "Imaging Facility of the Year" by Advance magazine in 2005.
Additional plans include using surface-mount equipment to assemble the circuit boards and all other components at Lubbock.