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LWLimewire (p2p software)
LWLuftwaffe (German: air force)
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LWLimited Warranty
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LWLethal Weapon (movie)
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LWLand Warrior (Army)
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LWLangwelle (radio band 30-300 KHz, German)
LWLutheran Worship
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LWLandsteiner-Wiener (blood group)
LWLord Willing
LWLaser Weapon
LWLower West
LWLeave Word (trunks)
LWLylat Wars (game)
LWLiving Worlds
LWLeaky Wave
LWLeft Waist Gunner
LWLoodswezen (Dutch)
LWLincoln Way High School
LWLiegewagen (German Couchette)
LWLAN War (gaming)
LWLouisville and Wadley Railway Company
LWLincoln-West High School (Ohio)
LWLAN/WAN Exchange
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I noticed he had an Iron Cross and a nice ceremonial Luftwaffe dagger, so I told him in no uncertain terms who was boss and got them both off him.
Early that same morning, 208 kilometres away at the Gutersloh Luftwaffe airfield in the Westphalia area of Germany, pilots of Jagdeschwader 3 were picked up at their quarters at 0500 hours.
Prior to D-Day, the Germans incarcerated downed airmen in Luftwaffe stalags.
It was in this raid that the Luftwaffe is believed to have used its X-Device radar guidance beams for the first time to find its target as the Germans launched their fight for dominance of British skies.
The Luftwaffe flew over 2,000 sorties and lost 75 aircraft.
Luftwaffe crews in the Heinkel aircraft of the elite KGr 100 Bomber Group launched the raid on Clydebank.
And more than 3,000 aircraft were downed - 1,023 from the British side and 1,887 of the Luftwaffe.
The Battle of Britain started on July 10 with the Luftwaffe trying to gain control of the Straits of Dover to leave the way clear for a seaborn landing.
In fact, the Luftwaffe pilot had landed at RAF Pembrey, Carmarthenshire, home to the RAF's Air Gunnery School.
Erik Mombeeck and Jean-Louis Roba's book In the Skies of France provides the first in-depth history of Jagdgeschwader 2 (JG 2), the storied World War II Luftwaffe fighter wing formed more than 70 years ago.
More importantly, they inflicted severe losses on the Luftwaffe in air-to-air combat as it tried to defend the factories.