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LFBMLuis Felipe Bravo Mena (Mexican politician)
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On March 29, the day after the consultation, the party announced that Luis Felipe Bravo Mena would be the PAN candidate, after potential rivals Ulises Ramirez and Jose Luis Duran withdrew their candidacies.
On the heels of election day, PAN President Luis Felipe Bravo Mena said "we shot for the moon and neglected to supply for the trip." In other words, the PAN concentrated on selling itself and neglected to shore up the party at the ground level by motivating citizens and party members to campaign on its behalf.
Party president Luis Felipe Bravo Mena said the party will not hesitate to expel any member in Baja California who has proven links to the Arellano Felix drug-trafficking operations.
Our interview with PAN President Luis Felipe Bravo Mena gives us a look into what it like to suddenly be head of the ruling party (sobering, but nice), the PAN's relationship with Fox (very good, he assures us), his pet peeves (the Mexico City PRD), and what he thinks of charging IVA on food and medicine.